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Electronic Communication Design

Using electronic communication design to manage your interface with customers.

As the Internet revolution continues to grow at warp speed, the use of electronic communication
(e-communication) is becoming more of an attractive proposition for assisting companies with
their marketing and communication strategies. Some of the advantages are very obvious, such as the use of e-mail that enables you to transmit data around the world in a speedy and cost effective manner.

Other marketing benefits are less obvious. This article provides you with some useful suggestions on both the features and benefits of using electronic communication in order to compliment your own marketing and communication mix.

A cost effective method of communication.
In a fast moving environment, traditional forms of marketing materials such as hard copy sales brochures and cd-roms quickly become outdated and are often in need of a revamp. This can be an expensive process that often involves re-designs,print and relatively high distribution costs. With electronic publications, updates can take minutes rather than weeks thus allowing you to get your message out more quickly.

Avoids the need for your customers to have an installed CD-ROM or DVD on their computer.
Recently, companies have started to supply their customers with their company information on CD (an advance from the VHS tape!). However, the latest electronic design tools enable your customers to quickly receive your marketing message via an e-mail attachment.

No need for your customers to have the right hardware or software installed
The very latest technology enables any piece of e-communication to have the software as an integral part of the file in order to run the program. This is a low cost innovation that significantly reduces the chances of your customers not being able to read your latest sales message.

A faster method of communication.
By sending your information electronically you avoid any delays incurred due to postage waiting times. However, more significantly, you can also avoid your customers having to waste valuable time downloading your e-message. Unlike many file formats, the latest technology will zip and compress your file size to make the download times much shorter.

E-Publishing enables you to deliver a consistent sales message.
Electronic brochures can be designed with not only pictures and text, but also with audio sound, animation and hyperlinks to your own web site. The addition of these features will ensure that a consistent message is being delivered to your target audience.

E-Communication messages can be easily passed on without being changed.
Once your customer receives your electronic message, they can easily forward it to other interested parties. Unlike "physical" forms of communication material, e-communications allow your message to be distributed to an unlimited audience.

Electronic communication allows you to differentiate your business.
Using e-communication materials can give your business a competitive advantage over your competitors. The use of leading edge technology (at no additional cost to traditional marketing and communication materials) can alter the perception your customers have about your business. If used correctly, it can portray an image of your business being modern, progressive and understanding of how technology can make a difference.

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