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Everything you never wanted to know

Want to know anything about theCheeseRoom? The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about theCheeseRoom.

If you'd like to know anything else about us or what we do then just Contact us here . We look forward to hearing from you...
Why is your business called theCheeseRoom?

Originally located in the attic of a 1750's Farmhouse - theCheeseRoom was previously the room reserved for maturing cheese!
Who are your main customers?

Although we do not specialise with customers from specific industry sectors, a large proportion of our work tends to be with financial institutions, local authorities, blue chip companies, SME's, registered charities and other not for profit organisations.
Who are your target customers?

Our target customers are those companies who need a partner to provide a complementary
range of creative design solutions in order to effectively implement their own marketing and / or communication strategies.
Do you work with customers outside of the UK?

Yes, absolutely. Whether you are situated 10 miles away or 10,000 miles away, our communication and design processes are the same. We frequently use the Internet to send information in electronic format and never compromise when it comes to meeting our
customers' requirements.
What are your company's core business values?

Everything that we do is based upon our desire to provide quality, on time, value for money creative design solutions that exceed our customer's expectations. In order to achieve these high levels of performance, we continue to provide a business environment for process improvement, fast response, valuing people and partnership development.
What do you consider to be your most important asset?

Without doubt, our biggest and most important asset is our people. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction cannot be achieved without having the right people. In essence, our success depends upon the knowledge, skills, innovative creativity and motivation of our people.
Do you provide print and distribution services?

Yes, our customers like to use "full service providers'' rather than separate suppliers for design, print and distribution. Design is obviously core to our business, and we use a small number of qualified suppliers to fulfill our print and distribution requirements.
What do you enjoy most about your business?

The most rewarding aspect of the job is receiving unexpected correspondence from our customers, expressing delight about the work that we have carried out for them. A very close second, is the people who contact us after being recommended to theCheeseRoom by
an existing customer.
What are the core business competencies
of theCheeseRoom?

We provide unique and distinctive graphic design services to assist our customers to successfully implement their marketing and communication needs. More specifically, the cheese room's core activities are four-fold:
a) we offer a "one stop shop'' service for publications such as newsletters, magazines, corporate brochures and report & accounts;
b) corporate and product branding solutions to build distinctive visual identities;
c) web site design and promotion; and
d) the design of various types of bespoke company literature.
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