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Increase Web Traffic

Having an effective on-line presence is becoming an ever- increasing proposition
for many companies as they strive to gain market share.

Below are some practical tips to increase your web site traffic:

Get a reliable host
It may appear obvious but it's no use having a fantastic web site if your host is unreliable and cannot give you the technical support you need, when you need it.

Free information
The main reason why people are on line in the first place is to find information. More specifically FREE information. Therefore Internet marketers who provide valuable and free content will keep people coming back. Keeping people coming back to your site is one of the most important factors in any marketing campaign because it will dramatically increase the chances of someone buying your product or service.

Submit your URL's individually
For the best results always submit your URL's to each of the major search engines individually rather than using a free "submission service". It is important to modify your information for each specific search engine. It takes more time but it's certainly worth it!

Free Newsletter or E-Zine
Here's an idea that EVERYONE should be doing that has a business web site. You should offer a free Newsletter or E-Zine to your visitors in order to generate a mailing list. It is very easy to set up a simple subscription form on your web page. If you don't have your own mailing list you should consider starting one now.

Hold a competition!
Once you have your free Newsletter or E-Zine, here's a method to get more subscribers. Hold a competition, so that everyone who signs up to your Newsletter or E-Zine will be entered into a free prize contest. You should make the prize worthwhile, for example, a free copy of your software, a free submission to your member only area etc. What you give up as a prize will be compensated by having a lot of new subscribers on your mailing list that you can sell to.

List in specialist directories
List your company in specialist directories. Getting a listing in a directory designed to cater for your industry can be an extremely useful way to get more hits and more importantly, more customers. A good place to start is "Web Directories" at Yahoo!

Keyword titles
Whenever you have a sub page, make sure that the page name contains an important keyword for the page. In other words if your domain is and you have a sub page whose topic deals with corporate branding, name the new page something like, 'how to create a corporate brand. The link would look like this:
See how you have incorporated what may be your most important keyword phase into the title of your actual URL. This can be a major factor in some search engine rankings.

No frames tag
If for some reason you decide that you must use frames in your site design, there is only one way to get your page indexed with the search engines. Most people never use this method and end up not getting their pages listed! After your frameset tags you need to add:

Place your optimised content within the no frames tag. No one will ever see this content but the search engines will index the NOFRAMES tag. This is how you can get your frame pages indexed on search engines such as Alta Vista.

Slow loading graphics
A common mistake made by first time web site designers is the overuse of slow loading graphics and graphics in general. A slow loading page is likely to result in people leaving your site before the page has even finished loading. Graphics don't sell anything. Words and information about your company's benefits is what sells. If you are serious about your online business it may be cost effective to hire a professional to do the design work for you or at the very least try and obtain some advice from people who know what they are doing!

Easy navigation
Make sure that every page on your site has a link back to your main page. Make site navigation easy. Don't just assume your visitors will automatically use their browser's back button to go to your main page. A site that is easy to navigate is a site your customers will want to return to over and over again. So try and make things as easy as possible for your customers!

Signature files
Here's an idea that's free, simple and easy to do! Create a signature file that will automatically be added to the bottom of every e-mail you send. Make your signature line as short as possible yet giving enough information to attract someone's curiosity. Here's an example:

B2B Design Solutions

Signature files take about 5 minutes to create and will boost your web site traffic.

"Recommend a colleague''
Again this idea is free to set up and requires only a minimal knowledge of how CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripting works. Install a "Recommend a Colleague" script on your main page or even on all of your pages. You'll be surprised how this type of simple marketing can improve your traffic. Before you know it, that one visitor has referred other potential customers who in turn may refer others. You can get the script free from:

Plural meta-tags
This idea is related to improving your search engine placement. Whenever possible, make your Meta Keywords plural. On most search engines, if someone searches for the word "magazine", magazine and magazines are the same, so having "magazines" in your Meta Keyword Tag will match either term. However, if the customer searches for the term "magazines" and your Meta Keyword Tag uses "magazine" it will only return matches for the word magazine.

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